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Welcome to the 43 Best Blogs Wiki. The following 43 blogs are simply the best. Other 'best of' blog lists offer 50 or even 100 'best' blogs, but after painstaking research we have determined that there are really only 43 decent blogs at any one time.

How do we know that we have the right 43 blogs listed at any one time? Easy, you are the "we" at 43 Best. We' are you. You spin me right round. Other lists depend on the work of one or two individuals. If you use this site please place the 43 Best badge on your site or at least blog about it - this gets more fun if more people know about it.

Add a blog, delete a blog. The answer to Web 2.0 is '43', so please leave the site with the same Zen as you found it. FYI - just click on approve to approve the links.

  1. Connecting the Dots by Steve Borsch
  2. Tech~Surf~Blog by Graeme Thickins
  3. hot coffee girl by hot coffee girl
  4. Ticketnews by Bob
  5. Mimi Writes by Mimi Lenox
  6. Karen Shanley author Dogs of Dreamtime
  7. FRAUDfiles Fraud Blog by Tracy Coenen
  8. living next door to myself by part-time buddha
  9. Pause - by Jory Des Jardins
  10. Thinking Parallel by Michael Suess
  11. Carpe Factum by Timothy Johnson
  12. The Blogging Times by Minic Rivera
  13. Parsing the world by Thaddeus
  14. A Week In The Life by Rapieress
  15. Standinaqueue by William Deed
  16. Ed Brill by Ed Brill
  17. Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come by Schmutzie
  18. Successful-Blog by Liz Strauss
  19. SuccessCREEations by Chris Cree
  20. Babbling Brooke by Brookelina
  21. The Creative Entrepreneur by Bill Baren
  22. Running Off the Treadmill by Alex Mozes
  23. Dispatches from the World of Work by Tom Peters
  24. Orbit Now! by Troy Worman
  25. Accentuate the Positive, 2.0 by Ike Pigott
  26. Make It Great! by Phil Gerbyshak
  27. WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog by Bud
  28. Case Notes from the Artsy Asylum by Susan Reynolds
  29. Dimano Marketing by Dimano Marketing
  30. 100 Bloggers - by 100 Bloggers
  31. Jon Swift by Jon Swift
  32. Let's get things back into perspective here! by Allan W Janssen
  33. Say No to Crack by Anita B.
  34. Lifehacker - Helping you get things done
  35. Pearsonified by JasonM
  36. Quick Online Tips by PC
  37. The Millions (A Blog About Books) by C. Max Magee
  38. Post Secret by you
  39. The Politics of Dancing by Sam L. Parity
  40. Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here by Epiphany Alone
  41. Brad Eleven by Brad Eleven
  42. Principled Innovation Blog by Jeff De Cagna
  43. ~ Numerabile by Davide De Nova