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43 Best Comments

So lots of folks are commenting on the 43 Best Blog Wiki. We will keep the best 43 here:

Zoli Erdos, February 28th, 2006 This is funny - I think a perfect showcase of what you can NOT achieve using a wiki. Just look at the history of changes. A digg-like voting system would mean something, but when anyone can change it anytime, all you get is a random snapshot. I could have my 5 minutes of fame by putting myself on line#1 :-)

Frank Gruber, February 28th, 2006 So how did TechCrunch not make the list? And how is Malcolm Gladwell’s blog already at top 43 blog…I think he is great writer but he just started blogging last week! I am glad it is a wiki - since it could use a few adjustments.

> From: Paul Kedrosky <> > Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2022 15:13:10 -0800 > Subject: Re: Congrats on 43 Best award... > > Thanks Alexander-. I keep showing up on these darn lists, which is > nice, but I have to confess I've rarely heard of the list until I show > up on the list! > > P.

Mark: Are these the best 43 blogs?

Media Orchard clocks in at No. 37 on Brian Oberkirch's "43 Best Blogs Wiki." Of course, since it's a wiki, it appears we have the power to move ourselves up to No. 1 if we want to. Then again, some hater could take us off altogether.

Mike Arrington: Weblogswork has posted a wiki with the 43 best blogs. I like the list because it is editable by anyone (it’s a wiki).

Jermey Botter: Besides, if you want to be known as one of the best bloggers in the world, all you have to do is go to 43Best, a new blog ranking site started up by our friend Alexander Muse. You can edit the list anytime you want, so all you have to do is put yourself on there and then keep editing it every few minutes.

For four minutes and 21 seconds we were the number 1 blog on 43Blogs, a ranking site so ingenius Cowboy probably thought it up after a late night drinking party with Vaspers.